At Service Drug we pride ourselves on our service. Indeed, our motto is Service First at Service Drug. What makes us different is our people.

Listen to what some of our customers are saying about us:

“I love Service Drug. You guys are the best pharmacy I’ve ever dealt with. Always there for me. You answer all my dumb questions. You guys are always there for me!!!”

“Excellent Service – Very attentive staff – We are very happy with the help and care given to us.”

“Jennilyn really knows her stuff in CPAP machines. I appreciate her helpfulness and care from my welfare with my machine. Everyone is so helpful and friendly.”

“I have always found the staff at Service Drug to be very helpful, respectful and friendly. I sincerely appreciate this. Steve has answered many questions for me – always with a smile!”

Meet our staff

Service Drug is accredited by HQAA, which means we are held to a higher standard when it comes to quality. Our equipment and products must meet approved recommendations. Our staff must have ongoing education and training to provide you with the best possible service.

Roger Killpack RPH
Owner and Manager

Roger graduated from the University of Utah Pharmacy School and has 30 years of experience in retail pharmacy.

Stacia Topham PharmD

Stacia graduated from Idaho State University. As part of her doctorate, Stacia gave presentations on Diabetic Medications and their Benefits and Risks on the Cardiovascular System.

Steve Albrecht PharmD

Steve is a graduate of Idaho State University. Steve has a doctorate degree in Pharmacy and has been with Service Drug for 23 years.

Nicholas Killpack PharmD

Nick graduated from the University of Utah. While completing his doctorate of Pharmacy, he gave presentations on Thombolytic Therapy as well as Insulin Management in Diabetic Care.